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Huzzah! You probably already figured out, that we like RPG's, Rock Music and making games. So here we are - making an RPG game about Rock Music!

First things first - we quitted our jobs, locked ourselves in the basement and... well, actually no, that never happened. Firstly we decided to find a game engine for our game.

Then we made a "game" - a Pacman parody, inspired by articles from this dude (Tonypa link here). Those are really useful by the way, you should try reading them sometime. The only con is - they are all for AS2.

Yeaaah, the Pacman "game". Some serious dudes (which we hoped would give us some money to live on) told us that we should NOT do the 3 following things, when developing a flash game:

- Make a Sonic parody.
- Make a Mario parody.
- Make a Pacman parody.


So there we were: an 1,25 of a flash developer (I was busy with my work, the other dude didn't do any flash since high school), an engine from our Pacman "game", an abandoned office we could utilize to our needs on weekends and a great wish to make video games (YEAH!)

For the first 2 month we worked on our engine and all that boring stuff you never actually think of when playing a game. Somehow we managed to turn the thing that made a little yellow round dude move around and do funny waka waka sounds into a half-decent RPG engine. Like I already said, we were inspired by the game "Sinjid", which we kind of liked and somehow managed to turn into a game about school of rock.

We also read a lot of blogs to educate ourselves, mostly Russian ones, because that's where we live (in Siberia, actually. More on that later).

We also needed a person who could draw, because we obviously cannot (Pacman doesn't count, it's round and yellow, can't really fail at that one) . So we decided to search for some freelancers that could help us. WORD OF ADVICE: try to find a guy from around where you live, will be a lot easier to communicate.

So, 3 choices here:
- Pay someone to draw all the things. Costly. And we are poor.
- Offer someone a percent from the game sales, and have their soul in our full command. The illustrators don't like it for some reason though.
- Combine 1 and 2, offer a percent and get a discount on all the drawings.

Eventually, we found a girl from where we live (Siberia!) that agreed on choice #3: she gets 15% from when we sell the game, we get 50% on everything she draws for us. It's kind of great because the illustrator is interested in the end outcome, but still gets his (her) money for drawing things now.

So we're a team now, I guess, and those two seem to have teamed up against me, as right now they are both poking me with sharp sticks and saying that I should stop writing in this stupid blog and actually go do something related to the game. Or they will feed me to a bear. And that is never nice.

Next time: ILLUSTRATIONS! Stay tuned!


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